Traditional Indian furniture: Chettinad inspired

The workspace cabinets and shelves have been made by my local carpenter. The knobs on them in various shapes and colours are antiques and have been picked up by me from various local antique shops and flea markets. The day-bed is also in rosewood, again a restored piece of furniture picked up in Pondicherry.

traditional furniture

I love pure white walls. I brought in colour using very typical traditional flooring that Chettinad is famous for – handmade Athangudi tiles. I have used the most traditionally used Chettinad style colours which are yellow and a maroonish red for the floors with ‘border’ tiles in the typical ‘floral’ and ‘diamond’ borders.

While the living room and study have the lighter yellow flooring the ‘sit-out’ and the two bedrooms have the red tiles.

traditional indian furniture

Traditional Indian furniture

The common area between the kitchen and study/work has another common pattern that is popular in traditional Chettinad homes These tiles maintain a cool temperature and also give the house a very earthy ambience.

My home is a realisation of a dream that I have cherished for a long time, from my younger days when I would get fascinated looking at various homes in interior design magazines.

In my own small way, I hope to create more awareness and interest in Chettinad interior design by incorporating various elements in my own home.

chettinad home design

The table in the living room is very close to my heart. I have always been very fascinated by these small 6in X6in colourful tiles that would be put up on the walls of the ‘welcome-area’ in our ancestral homes. These would be imported from Japan or Europe in the earlier days. I got these tiles from an antique shop in Pondicherry.

These tiles are typically also used in what’s called a ‘manai’, a two-seater table kinda thing on which the bride and bridegroom sit on during the entire length of a Chettiar wedding. Since I couldn’t get one, I created my own inspired version of the same to be used a coffee table. The wood used in this is teak restored from some old furniture with the help of a local antique dealer.


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