100+ Pooja Room designs : Inspiration and ideas

One of the most frequent requests we get is for pooja room designs. Outlined below are some basic guidelines for designing a pooja room as well as an inspiration board with pooja room images.

pooja room design

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Pooja Room Design Aspects


The location of the pooja room is a important aspect. Ideally, the pooja room should be in the north-east segment of your home. Alternatively, in the north or the east. South, south-west and south-east directions are not so favourable according to vastu.

To find the north-east area of your home all you need is a basic compass available at any stationery store. Place the compass in the centre of the home or in an open area just outside the home. Align the north and take the reading. Plot a basic chart of the home to locate the north-east quadrant.

In homes with more than one floor, the pooja room should be in the ground floor of the home. It should not be below the stairs or in the basement. The idols should face the west so that you are facing the east when praying.

Doors of the Pooja Room : A puja room should have two doors.


Click on the image below for 100+ pooja room designs

 pooja room design