False Ceiling Design

False ceiling enhances the architecture of a room. In addition to the aesthetic value these ceilings also serve numerous purposes and are solutions to various architectural as well as décor problems.

Designs for false ceiling are plenty and the materials used are varied. Ideally the material should be suitable for the climate of the place and viable for executing the design to perfection.

Restaurant design by Studio US featured on Prismma

Restaurant design by Studio US featured on Prismma

False Ceiling India

Wooden false ceilings have a charm of their own and look very good in traditional/colonial style architecture. Box beam ceilings look great in formal dining/living rooms and act as the perfect canopy for grand settings. Plank wooden ceiling, either polished or painted will look good too. You may even have them in geometric patterns just for the central portion of the ceiling with or without edging in another material. Another design is to have the beams jutting out and the boards in between sunken.

ceiling design

Plaster of Paris (POP) false ceilings executed in various designs can make beautiful additions to your room. These may be coloured, tinted, textured and embossed according to the design. A combination of POP and wood or POP and glass/metal also creates visual impact.

Beautiful false ceiling designs can also be executed in materials like, particle board, veneer, tile, canvas and cloth, leather/faux leather and glass. Stained glass used for portions of the false ceiling imparts a stunning look.

ceiling design

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Some designs are even executed with bamboo and coir/grass matting. A combination of two or more materials to create different elevations also works wonders. Clay tiles and rustic bricks for false ceilings go well with country style décor.

In a kids room a beautifully executed thematic false ceiling can transport him/her into wonderland. For example a backlit glass ceiling with cartoon characters or images of the galaxy.

Imaginative designing and cutting edge technology has made it possible to achieve beautiful effects and today the ceiling oops… the sky is the limit when it comes to designing false ceilings!!!


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