Designing a pooja room or mandir at home

The placement of shelves/mandir/niche for idols in the pooja room also requires attention. Idols and pictures should be kept in the north-eastern side of the pooja room and do allow at least an inch from the wall while placing these.


Designing a pooja room: Placement of lamps/incense etc should be in front of the idols. Do not keep two idols facing each other and never keep two idols of the same deity. Idols should never be placed on the ground – always keep them raised on a platform or shelf or in a niche or mandir. There are many beautiful designs for mandirs in wood, marble etc. Marble mandirs or ones in other types of stone with filigree work, wooden ones with carvings and embellishments and even metallic ones are available in many sizes. A beautiful mandir will also aid in enhancing the ambience of your pooja room.

Where there are space constraints, shelves, built in cabinets or niches in the wall may be considered. Recessed lighting will enhance these further. You should be facing the east/north-east while worshipping, hence, idols should face the opposite direction. Facing the south while worshipping, will position your head towards the north and feet towards the south (in a seated position). Scientifically, this is not considered good as the magnetic north of your head will repel the magnetic north pole of the earth.