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Kembhavi Architecture Foundation is an independant Architecture consulting firm established in 1972, offering a wide spectrum of services which includes architectural designs, project management and structural engineering. Besides excellence in design, Kembavi Architecture Foundation, stakes it’s claim as the pioneer in Green Building Revolution. The firm was founded by Sharad. K. Kembhavi and his wife Nalini. S. Kembhavi.

Sharad Kembhavi, completed his Bachelors degree in Architecture from J J College of Architecture, Mumbai, following which he worked with D.N. Bavale on several projects. A desire to acquire further skills, led him to UK, where he specialized in Interior Design and also worked in one of UK’s biggest firms namely William Olds. His inclination towards contemporary thoughts and fresh creative design, has won the firm acclaim from all quarters.

Nalini Kembhavi, also graduated from J J College of Architecture, Mumbai. She has been mainly responsible for the firm’s Green initiative, as she is a strong proponent of the green revolution, having undergone a course on Solar Passive Architecture at IIT, Powai. Nalini believes in creating innovative designs leaning towards greener, better future, backed by competent technology and research.

In India there has been an increase in the people’s interest and inclination towards architectural design, especially in concepts like balanced life, living well, privacy and making maximum use of space. It is in this respect, that Kembhavi Architecture Foundation has proved itself as one of the most diverse and successful architectural and design practioners.  Kembhav Architecture Foundation has been successful in establishing the functionality and quality of interior space, while making sure the design is practical and beautiful.

The firm’s offices are situated in Bangalore and Hubli.


Address + Phone Number

# 1872, “Shreyas”, 1st Floor, 11th Main, 38th A Cross, Jayanagar 4th T Block, Bangalore 560041 ; 080 22441557/22442734
# 40, August House, Behind Pai Hotel, Ballippanavar Nagar, Hubli 580029 ; 0836 2251321/2352776