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Bangalore architect: Anup Naik

Company Profile
We have established ourselves as one of the largest and fastest–growing multi–disciplinary design firms in Asia–Pacific.
Founded in 2001, we continue to conceptualise, design and deliver environments which inspire the audience, engage the user and create long-term value for all.

Space Matrix has been ranked number 21 on the Interior Design Magazine’s 2012 Giants List of the top 100 design firms in the
world. We have quickly grown from a Singapore–based boutique interior design firm to a large multi–national multi–disciplinary
organisation consisting of 500 members in 12 offices across Asia Pacific. We have various Centres of Excellence across the firm, which are leveraged to create designs which exemplify excellence, innovation, responsibility, evoke emotion and add value. We draw on specific expertise of our professionals from across the offices and provide each client with the most appropriately resourced team. This helps us in our passion for excellence and innovation.

We have built a strong and reputable clientele by delivering distinctive and, often, award winning projects across Asia Pacific.
Our current services include interior design, design & build, building design, master planning, workplace research and consulting, sustainable design, and cost consulting. We continue to focus across a range of project types such as workplace, commercial, hospitality, retail, education, civic, transport, residential and mixed-use.

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Contact information
Bangalore: Space Matrix Design Consultants Pvt Ltd
#27/6 Sankey Road
Bangalore 560 052

T + 91 80 4049 4000
F + 91 80 4049 4299

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Types of projects undertaken
By combining design, project management, construction and technology teams in one place, Space Matrix ensures our clients benefit from a single point of contact. This single point design and build service delivers high quality construction projects faster, and at a competitive cost.

We offer pre-construction services through to turnkey design and construction management. Regardless of the project, here at Space Matrix our aim is to exceed your expectations. Our focus is on quality within planned budgets, improving cost performance and accelerating project delivery.

Space Matrix offers a complete range of services for the planning, design and delivery of interior environments. Services include
strategy, optional design plans, and budgets, along with 3D visualization and animation.

Interiors must reflect your business and its brand. Careful material selection ensures an innovative interior environment that accurately reflects your requirements, image, values and budget.

Utilizing our collaborative network of innovative professionals, and through an integrated approach to design and immaculate building execution, we deliver a memorable building every time.

Bettering the environment is also our priority and part of our responsibility to our clients.

Our contribution to the environment starts with improvements to the physical performance of buildings. Our dedicated team of researchers are constantly evolving strategies to create more sustainable building solutions.

Inside and out, Space Matrix design is pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to experience.

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Awards and accolades
Young Enthused Architect of the Year, A+D Awards, India, 2004
Best Large Scale Project of the Year, Practicing Architects Association, India, 2005
Recreational Architectural Award, Practicing Architects Association, India, 2005
Young Enthused Architect of the Year, A+D Awards, India, 2006
LG Award (Best Commercial Building), India
CoreNet Sustainable Leadership & Design Award, New Orleans, USA, 2010
Shortlisted for H. Bruce Russell Global Innovators Award, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, 2010

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anupAbout the designer
Anup is extremely passionate about sustainable architecture and is inspired by the seamless incorporation of sustainable elements in ancient buildings. He believes the challenge for modern architects is to understand and utilise these ancient techniques in today’s context. Anup works tirelessly incorporate sustainable elements into everyday work and to demystify sustainability and make it affordable and adaptable for clients. He has been the driving force behind Space Matrix’s holistic approach to green architecture and zero energy developments. Since joining Space Matrix in 2007, Anup has been involved in several award- winning projects ranging from master planning to high rise buildings. He has over 14 years’ professional experience.Anup is extremely passionate about sustainable architecture and is inspired by the seamless incorporation of sustainable elements in ancient buildings. He believes the challenge for modern architects is to understand and utilise these ancient techniques in today’s