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Anil Bhaskaran : Bangalore architect

Company Profile

Idea Centre Architects Pvt. Ltd. is an architectural and urban planning consulting company that offers complete solutions in planning and architecture. “IDEA” in Idea Centre stands for ‘initiative for design excellence in architecture’. Idea Centre, formerly known as Architecture Incorporated, was established in 1989. The company has to its credit more than a hundred completed projects. The projects executed by the company have been widely published. Idea Centre is a recipient of many prestigious honours.

Idea Centre was born with the notion of making explorations into the uncharted, realms in the field of urban planning and architectural design, avoiding the normal pitfall of ideologies and ‘isms’, as is very much evident in the plurality of the company’s works. The projects reflect a distinct originality in thought, an intuitiveness tempered by reality, defying any attempts to classify the works into any preconceived slots.

Right from its inception, the company has been consistently striving to create a planning and design philosophy that is unique, that looks beyond the everyday staidness of mediocrity and that applauds skilled craftsmanship and a joyful attitude.

Contact information

2 − Jacaranda, 7 Moyenville Road, Langford Town, Bangalore − 560025

Telefax : +91 80 22121493  Phone: +91 80 22121560


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Types of projects undertaken

Consultancy in :

Urban Planning and Interior Design Bangalore

Project Management: Covers the range of services from the site selection and planning to execution of the project.

Turnkey Solution: Covers the range of services from the site selection, architecture and engineering consultancies to complete execution of the project.

Global Services Idea Centre Solutions, a newly formed division of Idea Centre Architects provides complete architectural design, visualization & 3D animation services for our global and domestic clients.

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Categories : Areas of Consultancy

Large scale mixed use developments.

Residential townships.

Apartments and condominiums.

Commercial and shopping malls.

Information technology parks, biotechnology parks & office campuses.

Educational institutions: Universities, colleges, schools and laboratories. Religious institutions.

Group housing consisting of independent villas, row housing and bungalows.

Entertainment facilities: cineplexes, auditoria, bowling allies, cyber gamedromes.

Hotels, resorts & restaurants.

Health Care: Medical Care facilities & hospitals.

Landscape projects such as parks, botanical gardens & waterscapes.

Industrial buildings such as factories & manufacturing facilities.

Product testing laboratories and show rooms.

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Awards and accolades

First rank and distinction in Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kerala, India. Master of Architecture in Urban Planning from the University of Minnesota, USA on a university scholarship. Winner of two UN scholarships, a national merit scholarship and a state Merit scholarship in India. Has travelled extensively and given talks on various topics related to architecture, at many universities and institutions in India and abroad.

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About the lead designer:

Anil Bhaskaram, an architect and urban planner established IDEA CENTRE ARCHITECTS in 1989. He completed his Bachelor of Architecture from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum, with the first rank and distinction from the University of Kerala, India. Subsequently, he completed the Master of Architecture with a specialization in Urban Design from the University of Minnesota, USA on a university scholarship.He has a varied experience and accomplishments of excellence in an array of projects entailing diverse facets of architectural designs and urban planning that range from residential to commercial, IT to institutional and industrial to interior fitouts.